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10 Common Social Media Myths

Social Media Marketing isn't easy, it requires a lot of research. Though it can be very useful for a business and give your marketing a fresh whirl. So get rid of these common myths from your marketing strategies for good.

10 Common Social Media Myths:

1. It is Free - This is one of the biggest myth about social media. Though it doesn't cost anything to set up a profile or a business account on any major social media platforms, it is not free. A company might use paid adverting for the promotion and increasing awareness. Even without using paid advertising, Social Media Marketing requires a lot of time to think of a proper strategy and to research. Hence, social media marketing is not free.

2. All platforms are important - When the company thinks to start a social media, the urge to create a profile on every social media platform is very high. Although it's not a bad opinion to create a presence on every platform you can think of, it is hard to say whether every platform will work out for your business or not. Not every social media platforms are important so it is better to focus on the few which are really valuable for your business.

3. The audience comes naturally - This is one of the common misconceptions about social media marketing people have. Creating quality content will automatically pull the audience and increase your followers and leads. However, it doesn't work that way. You have to promote your content in order to be seen by your audience.

4. Success depends on the number of Followers - Many marketers think more the followers means more the business growth. Which is so wrong, the number of likes and followers doesn't decide the business success. Just because someone likes your post doesn't necessarily means that he/she is going to buy it. Instead, you should look at how often the followers get engaged and interact with you.

5. The response should be immediate - People love fast replies in today's world, but it isn't always possible. Running a business isn't an easy task, so when the responses are late people understands. Though it is necessary to get back to the audience on time.

6. Not to get Personal - The Content you prepare and publish should always keep your audience in mind and should be related to the brand. But sometimes getting personal let your audience feel connected to your brand. It helps them to understand you and your brand better.

7. It is only for Young People - The young kids are in numbers on social media but that doesn't mean they don't make a good target audience. If you think they cant be your audience than you are thinking wrong. With the increasing awareness about social media, not only young people but people from every age group are on either of the social networks.

8. It is an Independent Strategy - It is often said that the Social Media Marketing is an independent and separate strategy. It is partially correct, it has its own practices but it works best with other marketing strategies like content marketing, search engine optimization, personal branding etc. It is more effective when the social media marketing is supported by other marketing.

9. Hashtags are Important - It is not obligatory to use hashtags for each and every time you publish something. The main motive of using a hashtag is to link and connect people relating to a common thing or conversation. Its good to have hashtags relevant to the content and also user-friendly to help people connect with your brand.

10. It takes forever to monitor - Monitoring does take a hell lot of time where you have to keep switching between tabs with your eyes glued to the screen for any moment. However, monitoring has become easier with the help of monitoring tools. So monitoring becomes easier with the help of tools.

These myths indicate that social media is worthless and impotent for business. Although conversely, it has many benefits to the brands. Eliminate all these myths from your social media marketing strategy to achieve an effective result.

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