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5 Differences between UGC and IGC

User-Generated Content (UGC) and Influencer-Generated Content (IGC) are the two most powerful ways to gain marketability. With marketers searching for new and effective ways to promote their products, consumers come across more and more advertisements. Nowadays consumers do not trust branded content instead they prefer other consumer's content or recommendation.

Let's see the difference between IGC and UGC:

While UGC initiate buzz among the audience and engage with consumers, there is a limitation to drive conversions because of the brand's popularity. The more famous the brand is the more effective the UGC, that's how it works. Though there is a restriction on small companies and start-up emerging in the market when it comes to UGC.

On the other hand, IGC is a content created by the influencers with a large committed audience without any limitations. It determines to generate considerable returns irrespective of the size and popularity of the brand.

In simple words, UGC is a free and responsive way to engage with their audience and generate conversions but often fails because of the quality of the content. It is a content created by the users or consumers regarding the product or brand. Whereas, IGC is a proactive way to generate conversions with a professional quality content which has an impact on a large number of audience.


Consumers prefer IGC over UGC as the influencers are seen as the experts in their respective fields. While UGC is a pronounced way to attract engagement and create euphoria among the audience by large and famous brands, it does not work the same for the small brands. That's where the IGC comes into the picture, the influencers have proven to not only drive conversions but also increase the sales for brands of any size as they are recognized as thought leaders.

Tell me in the comments below: Which one do you think is more effective, UGC or IGC?

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