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By Peehu Joshi

The activity of creating, communicating, promoting and delivering products and services to a target audience, is called marketing. Now, let’s make it interesting by adding a small word, “digital” before marketing.

“Nobody reads ads,

People read what they like, sometimes it’s an ad.”

“Stop interrupting what people are interested in,

Be what people are interested in”

I’m sure these quotes motivated you a lot as somebody who is invested in marketing, but the main question here is HOW? How do you interest people in your brand?

The answer lies in two words – “Digital Marketing”.

It’s simply marketing but involves some or the other form of electronic devices. All of the advertising and promotion that you did physically can now be done via the internet, isn’t it easy and efficient?

If this wasn’t enough to convince you how digital marketing is the best option to take your business ahead, worry not I’ve got some great reasons as to why you should.

1) Increased reach:

Digital marketing not only gives you an opportunity to double or triple your reach but make it global! Yes, it allows you to find new markets and trade globally at a very minimal cost.

2) Meticulous targeting:

Digital marketing can help you reach out to people who fit your criteria and you can filter out the audience as per your requirements. This is one of the most desirable advantages of digital marketing.

3) Inexpensive:

This is the biggest advantage of digital marketing. All business activities come down to the money they require, marketing and advertising cost being one of the highest. Digital marketing allows even new and small businesses to promote at a great level without creating stress on their budgets.

4) Elevated engagement:

Did you know that more than 40% of the world’s population is on the internet? With the help of digital marketing, businesses can engage easily with their customers, reply to their queries and post interactive content. After all, customers love a brand that listens and responds to them.

5) A/B Testing:

Also called split testing, this feature is very helpful for business. Now, suppose you have two ideas for a campaign and both are equally good, then which one should you post and promote?

Digital marketing allows you to run the creatives of both ideas to determine which one is better. Isn’t this great?!!

6) Easily measurable results:

Any business strategy is a time sink if you cannot measure and track your performance. It’s almost like shooting arrows in the dark. Coming up with a strong strategy is just half the battle, the other half is to know how well the strategy works for you.

A lot of digital marketing platforms allow you to analyze your sales & data and track the performance of your campaign. This will help you a lot in deciding which campaigns to continue and which to not.

The purpose of these points was only one, to be able to convey to you, how digital marketing is the future. This type of marketing benefits all sizes of businesses by giving them an entry to the mass market at a pocket-friendly price.

So what are you waiting for? come on, let’s get your skates on! There’s no time to lose. If you have a business or know somebody who does, tell them about this, after all, digital marketing does offer a more efficient, cost-effective and modern approach to traditional marketing.

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