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Call-to-Action : the Art of Persuasion

Imagine this - you come across an article detailing a product that you want to buy. You are somewhat sure that you are going to purchase the product but need that last push to get you to take out your debit card. The article is well articulated, ticking all the points that made you like the product with a few testimonials from other customers. But wait, it does not provide a link or pathway for you to inquire more about the product. This article is falling short to persuade you towards the good that you want.

There’s a high chance that you would have purchased that product then and there if there was a pathway to purchase provided. So what is that final push that you as a copywriter or a marketer have to inculcate so that your customers base increases? Think Call-to-Action (CTA).

CTA is a written directive unique to marketing campaigns which persuades a customer to take a desired action. CTA initiatives can be made evident through hyperlinks, a button or a plain text. A good blog article would help you grasp your potential customer’s interest and to top-off a CTA would lead to their conversion as a paying customer.

A classic CTA example would be to end with terms like, ‘buy now’, ‘hurry now’, ‘limited period offer.’ Even something like ‘subscribe to our newsletter’, or ‘sign up for details’ are considered effective CTAs. We can elevate them by adding numbers that are specific to our offers, for example:

  • Buy now at 20% off

  • Claim your 12% off

  • 30% off

  • Buy 1 get 1 free

You can even incorporate hyperlinks to your copy! Just use a CTA phrase or button and insert the link you desire for your potential customer to explore. Catchy phrases which are quirky and relevant to your brand definitely help to get your audience’s attention.

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See what we did there?

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