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15 Points Copywriting Checklist for an Ideal Content Copy

A Content Copy is divided into two section, Headline and Content format. Both of which plays an important role. In my previous article "15 Points Copywriting Checklist for The Perfect Headline" I have mentioned the 15 important points to make a perfect Headline for your ad copy.

Let's check what we should include in the content format to make a compelling content copy:

Content format:

1. Readability - fonts (Verdana, Ariel, Georgia or Tahoma. Times New Roman only for paper media), size(minimum 10), color (black, red or maroon) and bold. No italics or underlining.

2. Break your copy into paragraphs - readers usually won't read if the content looks too long, so break it into small paragraphs. A sentence shouldn’t include more than 18 words, make use of commas or em-dashes.

3. Problem | Agitation | Solution - first point out the problem, show them what would happen if the problem isn’t solved and the give them the solution.

4. Good Grammar - make sure there are no grammatical errors. For instance: You’re At The Right Place If You Love Reading! and At The Right Place If You Love Reading! makes a real difference in the sentence.

5. Put Reader’s first - if the copy doesn’t appeal to your readers or audience it makes no sense. Show them the benefits rather than the features of your products For instance: you’re selling fashionable clothes - don’t write about how it is made, a buyer won’t be interested in how it is made. Give them what they want, like the quality, fabric and the price of the clothes.

6. Use ‘YOU’ - your sales message is for the readers avoid the use of ‘I’ and at least use the word ‘YOU’ three times more often than about yourself.

7. Tell a story and spark curiosity - start off with a short story to make the readers keen and then add up facts and figures.

8. Use Contractions - try to use contractions whenever required to attract the readers. For instance, You’re instead of You are, You’ll instead of You Will etc.

9. Use of Testimonials - By using testimonials and consumer ratings, you are building up the trust of your readers.

10. Add Media and numbers - Pictures and numbers tend to attract more readers than the content copy. Show them the facts and figures which will help in your sales. For instance: a picture of your products or new arrivals.

11. Use of Bullet Points - People usually don’t like reading long and lengthy paragraphs, to make it easier use of bullet points and highlight your point.

12. Call-To-Action - A content copy without a call-to-action button is useless. Call-To-Action button helps in making more customers. For instance: subscribe button or a request an appointment button under your article.

13. Make it chunky but do not overwrite - A Long content copy is more beneficial to your sales as long as it is not overwritten. It needs to explain the benefits of buying your product and give them the knowledge about it.

14. Do not use Hyperbole - Avoid using fancy words and hyperbole. Do not exaggerate things as it may make you look like you are trying too hard for the attention and sometimes even fake.

15. Revise and Rewrite - Always come up with something new and never stop improving. Make sure you check and edit your content copy before it goes live at least twice.

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