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Getting an Internship at 18

The difference between being seventeen and being eighteen remains that you go from being a child to an adult, with the conversation of responsibilities looming over. It happens overnight but the realisation that these are primary years of your life and you need to make them count happens over a course of a few months of turning eighteen.

So you slowly turn from inquisitions into your life made by nosy relatives, who think that taking science in high school is the only means of salvation. What everyone forgets is that as an eighteen year old, who has grown up in a sheltered India the concept of teenage independence still remains foreign

. Children who have never wanted to take the path set forward by their elders are pushed towards the same, whilst their creativity suffers with self doubt. As a new adult, finding yourself takes time and is a constant process. One cannot assume it to be stagnant, with people never evolving.

In the back of my mind while I loved what I was studying in college, (a field which no one took up in my family) I knew I wanted to make my education count. For that to happen I did what every other student does- search for an internship! I was familiar with platforms which offered the same. I signed up, got called for multiple interviews. It was surreal, I had never expected to get work so soon. In my interview at Marketing Hues, I had not prepared anything beforehand. Through the interview I understood the values of the company. The founder, Ami had a charm and drive to her which instantly put me at ease.

As someone who has always been passionate about women’s issues and their empowerment, knowing that I was joining an agency which believed in impact, conversation and bonded culture meant that I was in the right place. The time that I have been here, I have had tremendous guidance from the team; either as a senior or as a friend. At eighteen, no one should expect you to have it all figured out. Being in constant dialogue with myself and my peers provides me with that kind of support which makes you self-aware.

Getting an internship may not seem that difficult but getting the right one is. For our generation, the right place, culture and people matter a lot in terms of continued motivation which pushes us to our goals. So far, being a part of Marketing Hues has been a delight, with our weekly catch ups and us celebrating all our goals as a unit, it is the place to be.

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