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15 Points Copywriting Checklist for The Perfect Headline

A Content Copy is divided into two section, Headline and Content format. Both of which plays an important role. Let's check what we should include in making a compelling Headlines with the help of this Copywriting Checklist:


1. Useful - Your headline is the first thing which is noticed and it needs to be attractive as well as useful.

2. Urgent - Show the urgency to your customers which will make them take some form of action.

3. Unique and Ultra-Specific - Your focus should not be only sales oriented thought that's the motive but be specific, unlike some headlines which are so common and reflects how desperate you are to sell something.

4. Benefit - Always include the benefits of your products and services, this will help attract the potential customer.

5. Make your audience curious - Spark an interest in the mind of people by making the headline more inquisitive. For instance; XYZ Company Proudly Introduces Something Shockingly Amazing.

6. Use Quotation Marks [" "] - Quotation Marks are important, it attracts and highlights the headline.

7. Never end with a Period - Never means Ever end your headlines with a period, it should not be serious, either use exclamation or question mark.

8. Limited use of Question marks and Exclamation - Do not get excited, Question Marks and Exclamation should be used once or twice that's enough.

9. Short, Simple and Catchy - People don't like reading and you aim is to attract them with the minimum use of words which fulfills your motive in a simple and catchy manner.

10. Readable Fonts - Avoid using fancy fonts as it will make harder to read. Use simple and readable fonts.

11. Size between 16-25 is enough - Font size matters the most, the ideal size should be between 16-25.

12. Numbers add credibility and interest - Adding numbers not only interest them but also shows the brand's credibility. You can write about the number of customers served or how old is the company or the years of experience in the market.

13. Keep it positive - Never use negative words while crafting a content copy.

14. Camel casing - Camel Casing is very important as it shows the uniformity and consistency. For Instance: The Ultimate Checklist For Everyone!

15. Vibrant Colors - Avoid the use of light colors as it makes fonts difficult to appear and read. Always choose a bright set of colors or black.

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