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How I Fell in Love With Marketing

By Lavanya Keswani

When you are paving your life through high school and then college there are a plethora of decisions you have to make. If you’re as lucky as I am, you have the power of being indecisive and you don’t have that true passion which just feels right as a career path. For me commerce was my safe-place with its analysis and calculations. I could figure out my way through answers and the subjects but it never felt right.

It was something that I enjoyed but it felt forced which alerted red signals in my brain but due to lack of other options and opportunities I stayed put. With some help from my parents and friends I even enjoyed the journey I was embarking on and looked forward to graduating from school. All the career counselling and personality tests I took stated my path to be management. Hence, with my righteous and motivated attitude it was the right fit, I decided that I’m going to do a Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) course which would help me prepare further. I can now say that it helped me find something which I enjoyed studying, which is marketing.

During my second semester of university we had a subject called ‘Principles of Marketing’, and during the first class I remember our teacher showed up and asked us to introduce ourselves with our favourite brand tagline. From that moment I was hooked, and was active in marketing classes. To top off, in order to learn more about the subject I started taking online courses. Everything that I learned and understood was interesting and I never once had to force myself to do it, which to me was the right green flag. After I found marketing as my calling, I started looking at it as a possible career path, what further education I would need and how I can brush up my skills more during my first year.

With this in mind I started looking for internships and after hours and days of looking for the right place where I can grow as a person and as a marketer I landed on Marketing Hues. I applied for the position of a marketing intern. One of the major factors which pulled me towards this place was the fact that despite being in a cut-throat competition among thousands of digital marketing agencies they were working on issues which needed our attention. Whether it be breast cancer awareness or women empowerment, they were creating that impact. This inspired me to say the least, hence I applied and now I have been filling the role of a marketing intern for more than a month. I have not only learned skills which will help me become a marketer in future but also a kind and compassionate human being.

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