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By Tanisha Mantri

Stepping out of high-school and entering fast-paced university life can be overwhelming. Our lives take a 360 degree turn as we become career-oriented. Although there are so many career-options, it is hard to find the ‘right’ one. Subject-specific knowledge may not be applicable in some fields, so the question arises, how to land an internship in the area of work of your choice without having practical ‘expertise’?

These are the steps that worked for me:

  • Do your research

Put in the effort, try to learn about various job roles that exist in your field of interest. Look into what you are passionate about and what sub-area will be suitable for you. Talk to people working in the industry to gain practical knowledge.

  • Gain theoretical knowledge

After doing your research and selecting the area you want to build your expertise in, try to gain a basic understanding of the topic before applying for the internship. Watch YouTube videos, attend webinars, read blogs, and books related to the subject. Keep consuming content related to your niche.

  • Update your CV

It is a given to build a CV and update it as per the job role and company you are applying to. Your basic CV should have details like academic qualifications, achievement, skills/hobbies, positions of responsibility held by you, and required personal information which may vary from company to company. Golden words of advice: Do not lie on your CV.

  • Upload your CV on job-searching websites

Indeed, Career One, Gumtree and other job search websites will help you in finding jobs that are relevant to your CV. Therefore, the previous step is important in order to attract prospective employers who want to offer a job role that you have been looking for.

  • Upgrade your LinkedIn account

LinkedIn is the bible for all professionals. Whether you are looking for a job or not, you can network and build connections with people in your industry, people having the same interests and people having something in common with you. Add course certificates, a language you have learned and keep your connections updated about your work life. Employers always skim through the LinkedIn profiles of people who have applied for the job.

  • Follow your dream company on all social networking sites

Your sincerity is shown by your actions. It is a must to follow your ‘dream’ company on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. This will help you understand their foundational values and style of working. It will also keep you updated on day to day changes or new additions and innovations by the company. As an intern, you should follow news, magazine interviews, and blogs related to the company.

  • Cold emailing

Cold emails are initial emails sent to people you don't know in order to establish a business or networking relationship. Cold emailing employers may seem like a waste of time, but this is what worked for me. Every email should be fresh and from the heart. Write what you feel, what you want and what attracted you to the company in a clear manner. Do not beat around the bush or write a narrative story. An email should be short and crisp, and deliver the message without the need to decode it.

Hope this article solves your initial doubts regarding getting an internship as a student who has entered the confusing world of career and money making. Do not forget to gain knowledge and hone your skills during the internship.

PS: Do not hesitate to ask questions to your employers, keep the curious child in you alive. In case of doubts, you can approach us too via our social networking handles. We will be available to answer your small or big questions!

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