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Social Media Audit : the Secret to Social Media Marketing

Do not freak out on hearing the term ‘audit’, while it does sound technical (and frankly a traditional term used by accountants to survey the books) - it now extends to the world of social media. So what role does it have in terms of your business’s social media accounts? Why is it needed? Does it really boost engagement? How do we utilise the recommendations of a social media audit into effective strategies?

Let’s explore!

A social media audit is basically a process of reviewing a business’ performance in terms of quantifiable data gathered from their various social media accounts on different platforms. These cater towards assessing multiple facets of your social media account, which helps you analyse a better marketing strategy.

So what does a social media audit entail?

Identify : The recommendations made through a social media audit helps out with a long term social media strategy, which engages your audience (and even provides leads!)

Discovery: A social media audit will provide you insights about how well managed is your reputation on social media? Does your audience perceive you well or not?

Align: Ensure that your social media team is aligned towards achieving a common strategy to maximise growth

Competitive edge: A social media audit will help you gain a competitive edge from similar brands in the market. Would you like to stand out?

Did you know a good social media audit costs about $250?

And additional audit elements often cost more? How can you as a business owner avail affordable social media audit services?

Marketing Hues has you covered! A limited time offer, grab your business a free social media audit. Understand your social media marketing needs and make the recommended changes to increase engagement of your growing brand.

You can avail the service by dropping an enquiry at and leave the rest to us! Additionally apply for a website audit here.

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