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Writing about diverse topics and how it helps a writer's mind to grow


“The true alchemists do not change lead into gold, they change the world into words.”

  • William. H. Gass.

Being a writer is a skill. It takes effort to pen down and transform the events around you into words. To be able to craft the fleeting moments around you and write them in a manner that makes the reader fascinated is a true art. However, it is also important to be well informed about the different forms of writing, and being aware of the world around you is a trait that every good writer should develop with time.

If you’re a writer who is more inclined towards literature, it makes sense for you to be creative and metaphorical, however, when it comes to content writing, the material should be very simplistic in nature for any common man to read it and understand it. Content writing or article writing revolves around the audience so it is very important that you find a way to pen down your argument in a way that reaches the audience and captivates their attention.

Being a writer for an all-female marketing digital agency such as Marketing Hues, we content writers get an opportunity to write for very dynamic industries which serve as a challenge at times but also a path to becoming better writers. The path to getting better at anything is by embracing the essence of change and trying our best. I, for one, am very grateful that our mentors at Marketing Hues give us the platform and instill confidence in us, thus helping us be better writers.

The path to success starts from somewhere. You also start making sentences only after you learn your ABCs. It’s important for every person to start their journey somewhere.

As a writer, one should always explore the details of your surroundings. This means paying careful attention to benign and even inane details in conversation and the environment. Being a writer comes with the skill of being naturally mindful. Being able to record your own thoughts in your perspective whilst adding a certain emotion to it is what makes it such a skillful art.

At MH, we have learned to respect every client’s needs and demands and give our best to them. Their growth is our responsibility and we try out best to capture the essence of the company and deliver work that is of the best quality.

As a writer who is stemming from a love of literature and fiction, writing stories for the past 19 years has made me more comfortable in writing the vision of different companies who are trying their best in making a difference in this world.

MH has been able to give a very supportive and loving environment, which makes it easier for us content writers in the company to deliver our articles with so much love. It is a wonderful platform of confidence and a path to achievement in our journeys. It’s been an enriching experience as a writer to write for MH. It has helped me grow in more ways than imaginable. I am grateful to get the opportunity to write for companies of such diversity and topics of so much meaning.

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