About Us

Experience the true colours of Marketing

Marketing Hues is an all-female Digital Marketing Agency offering Branding, Content, Social, Website Design & Development services to all sizes of business. We are a small group of ambitious women aiming to not only support other women in the business but also empower them to become what they are capable of. When we say we are customer-focused digital marketing agency, we mean it in every possible way, from cost-effective to the quality we take care of our customers. Our aim is to help all sizes of business, whether it is a small cafe looking for Branding or a big company for any digital needs, we have solutions for all.


Marketing Hues was founded by Ami Shah with a clear vision of helping Brands and a burning passion for all things Digital, she came up with the idea of starting her own agency when she realised the number of problems faced by the clients after they hire a digital agency. Keeping in mind all those problems and to eliminate them all, Marketing Hues was born. This is not just any other agency, we promise our customers some really good advantages which hardly any agency can ever offer.

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